Develop your skills

Develop your skills to respond concretely to your business challenges.
Trainings program designed and led by experts trained in pedagogy for sales managers and their teams.
Our trainings are effective, concrete, providing immediately applicable tools.

Our trainings program


Why it matters: Fundamental tool of any good salesperson.

What the training is for: come learn and master the basics and techniques of fair negotiation.
Learning objective:
Duration: 2 to 4 days
Next session(s):

October 6-7, 2022
January 5-6, 2023
March 16-17, 2023

Develop your partner and distribution network:

Why it matters:partner or distribution networks are real growth levers and require a methodological and structured approach.

What the training is for:learn the fundamentals to build a sustainable business partner network.
Learning objective:
Duration: 2 to 4 days
Next session(s):
October 12 to 14, 2022
January 25 to 27, 2023
April 5 to 7, 2023

Create your customer pitch.

Why it’s important: An indispensable tool to sell better
What the training is for:Learn how to create and deliver a compelling and impactful company sales pitch.
Learning objective:

Duration: 1 day

Next session(s):

September 22, 2022
October 19, 2022
January 19, 2023

Managing complex accounts.

Why it matters: Managing a large complex or major account is a big responsibility. Damaging or losing a large account can have a profound impact on annual business numbers.
What the training is for: Learn how to create and manage a long-lasting relationship with your key account customers.
Learning objective:

Duration: 2 days

Next session(s):

January 26-27, 2023
June 15-16, 2023
September 21-22, 2023

How do I become a sales mentor in my team

Why it’s important: It’s important for these internal “coaches” to share their experience while letting the salespeople develop their own answers to the issues they encounter.
This program is also a way to develop new skills for the internal coaches.

What the training is for: capitalizing on one’s experience to help colleagues and collaborators progress
Learning objective:
Duration: 2 days
Next session(s):

February 8-9, 2023
May 24-25, 2023
October 11-12, 2023

How to lead a sales team.

Why it is important: a sales team relies on a balance between individualized management according to the profile and position of its collaborators and the animation of a team united around a common goal.

What is the purpose of the training:To learn how to make these collaborators progress and improve the team performance
Learning objective:
Duration: 2 days
Next session(s):

October 26-27, 2022
March 22-23, 2023
November 15-16, 2023

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